Anticipation builds for introduction of Lego table to West Mall

The Lego franchise already has a movie and a theme park, but it’s most prestigious enterprise is yet to come – a table in Bearden’s West Mall.

Plans are currently being made to place a large Lego table in the West mall, free for students to play with during lunch and class changes.

“We have laptops now, and a lot of our kids are plugged into electronics, but that isn’t a fit for everybody,” principal Dr. John Bartlett said. “Even if you like the computers, sometimes building things and engaging your brain is what you prefer.”

Dr. Bartlett came up with the idea to bring a Lego table to Bearden after attending a conference where a vendor provided Legos for the attendees to play with.

“Everyone was playing with them and all the adults loved them, and I realized this would be a great way to engage students in a different way,” Dr. Bartlett said.

Besides free play, Bartlett plans to build onto this experience with Lego challenges on Fridays, where teachers construct things and students try to match what they build. Also, he is currently making plans to incorporate academic application with the Legos.

“I think this is possibly the school’s greatest idea ever, and I would love to play with some [Legos], “ senior Ronnie Lauth said.

So far, the idea of a Lego table has been met with mixed reviews from students.

“I love Legos and love the idea, but I also feel like students would abuse the power by stealing pieces or something like that,” junior Becca Churchman said.

Dr. Bartlett, however, has faith this will not be the case.

“Of course there will probably be one or two people who do something inappropriate but I know that, in general, our students will be very respectful and will realize this is something cool for them,” Dr. Bartlett said.

Although a date has not been set for the Lego table’s arrival, Dr. Bartlett plans to have it available within the month of February.