Dolvin, Freeman set to campaign for SGA president in online election


Hailey Kraft

Bearden’s SGA meets earlier this week. Elections for next year are next week.

Elections for 2014-15 student body president will be held on Tuesday and Thursday.

Along with all of the other changes at Bearden instigated by the new technology, elections this year will also be different. Voting for student body president will be held on Canvas, and all students are encouraged to vote.

Originally, Sophomores Sydney Gabrielson and Beth Lynam, as well as Juniors Kierstyn Freeman and Erin Dolvin, were running as co-student body presidents. On Monday morning, however, SGA advisors Mr. Cody Martin and Mrs. Rebecca Nutter announced that students would not be allowed to run for co-offices.

“We had to pull it in and say, ‘Sorry, we know we said you can do this, but it’s getting out of hand,’” Mrs. Nutter said. “There were people running for co-officers for offices that don’t need two officers.

“Eliminating co-officers means that some people are running for other offices, so we should have an interesting election.”

Freeman and Dolvin are now running against each other as student body president.

“I feel completely confident running against her, and I don’t feel as if I’ve lost a significant amount of votes,” Freeman said. “We’re still excited to run against each other, and I don’t think any feelings will be hurt.

“In the end, we’re both awesome leaders, and Bearden is in a win-win situation with us as candidates.”

Added Dolvin: “It’s no different than running against anyone else in SGA. I’m running because I love Bearden, and I know I will do the best job at serving it.”

Freeman will campaign by making posters, handing out baked goods, and getting some help from friends who will try to sway people to vote.

She feels that she is well qualified to be the student body president because she is involved in a variety of Bearden activities, including clubs, academics, and sports, which provides her with a good understanding of what the school needs and how to remedy issues.

“Weaknesses would be having a very time consuming schedule, but I am ready to make sacrifices and balance a busy schedule,” Freeman said.

Freeman considers the change from running as co-presidents an advantage because she only has to consider the way people perceive her rather than worrying about the image of another person.

Dolvin is working on campaigning with her vice presidential candidate Chanhee Hwang by making posters.

She thinks she is qualified to run because she knows a lot of different people from different friend groups, and she doesn’t consider herself a shy person, so she can talk to people easily.

“The fact that my handwriting isn’t very good for posters is my weakness,” Dolvin said.

Both students are very excited to be running for student body president and do not intend to let the presidency affect their friendship, and they both hope to see the other do well when the results of the election are announced.