Rising BHS senior Hasan joins Knox School Board as student rep

As the school year comes to an end, many students are being acknowledged and rewarded for their accomplishments, but one rising senior has received an exceptional reward for his hard work.

Adam Hasan has been chosen to be the student representative for the Knox County Schools’ Board of Education and will represent more than 55,000 students going to schools in Knox County.

“It’s a really big honor, and I’m glad to be given an official position on the school board, especially after my support of the teachers’ union and involvement with speaking out regarding education reform in Knox County and Tennessee,” Hasan said.

One of Hasan’s goals is to meet with student groups from every high school in Knox County in his first few months on the school board.

He also believes that the hands-on experience in local government and exposure to public policy will benefit him in the long run if his future involves running for office.

“I’ve always been interested in local politics so I really enjoy any opportunity I have to be involved in some capacity,” Hasan said.

Close friend Sebastian Soldner, who has been attending school board meetings with Hasan throughout the year, believes that Hasan’s leadership skills and determination make him the best man for the representative position.

“Ever since I started going to the student meetings, I’ve witnessed Adam set the stage for change in our community,” Soldner said. “That sounds kinda cheesy, but from what I’ve seen lately, he is super invested in the job and will be able to make big things happen.”

Soldner is hopeful that Hasan will pursue a career in government because he believes that public office suits him.

Regardless of Hasan’s future plans, he is currently making Bearden proud and carrying on the tradition of excellence.