Bearden gallery showcases art teachers’ personal works


Emily Price

Bearden’s art gallery currently features a collection of works from all three of the school’s art teachers.

Cameron Scott, Staff Writer

Bearden High School’s art department is kicking off the new school year by showing off some of the teachers’ personal works in the gallery.

The gallery features Mrs. Vicki Cunningham’s fairy-tale series photography, as well as paintings and drawings from both Mrs. Anna Boyd and Mr. Stan Hillard.

“It’s been a great way to talk about art with the students and to really have them understand how to view an art show,” Mrs. Cunningham said.

The art teachers are also hopeful that the exhibit will show off the various mediums used to create different types of art.

According to AP Art student Maggie Bendy, both Mr. Hillard and Mrs. Cunningham rarely show their work to their students so it’s exciting for her to see.

Lara Repass, a junior at Bearden, is also eager to see a more personal side of her art teachers.

“Art is just so personal, in my opinion,” Repass said. “There is so much passion and hard work that goes into a piece of art and getting to see such amazing and personal artwork from my teachers is something I’m just really happy about.

“It almost makes me feel closer to them in a way.”

The art teachers are currently unsure of how long they will keep their work in the gallery. The Bearden art gallery is located on the easternmost end of the building in between Mr. Hillard and Mrs. Cunningham’s rooms.