Marching band perfects ‘Juliet’ theme for halftime show


Taylor Johnson

The Bearden drumline enters the stadium at last Friday’s season opener.

Caroline Rogers, Staff Writer

Last year, the Bearden High marching band made some changes in their football half-time show by adding well-known music and story lines. This year, they’re looking to do the same.

The new marching band theme is called “Juliet”, inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, from Juliet’s perspective. With songs like Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Overture and Mozart’s Requiem, this performance will be quite recognizable.

“It’s a story that a lot of people know and can relate to both as a performer and as an audience member,” band director Mrs. Megan Christian said.

The show begins with Juliet’s family at war with Romeo’s. The trumpets represent the Capulet family while the Montague family is represented by low brass.

The music and physicality of the show have angry undertones that change as the story goes on. Elsa’s Procession by Richard Wagner and A Time for Us by Henry Mancini end the show with a romantic feel.

Though the well-known music and story fall in line with last year’s “Revolution” theme (Les Miserables-inspired), there is always a new dynamic to the group each year. When asked to compare this year to past years, both band directors had a difficult time.

“[The years are] all so different,” director Mr. Jamie Wilson said. “When you’re graduating so many kids out of here, it changes a lot of the dynamic and the personality of the show.”

Added Mrs. Christian: “There’s no real way to say this theme has been better or worse than any others. It’s like your children.

“They’re all different and unique and you love all of them.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Christian have been planning this show for almost a year, and all of the hard work has paid off.

“It’s fantastic,” senior trumpet player Brice Kiumarsi said. “The pictures that you see on the field are a lot more intricate and intense.

“It’s a great year.”