Enthusiasm for Second Harvest campaign is stacking up


Taylor Johnson

Bearden’s Second Harvest campaign is starting to gain steam.

Madison Chan, Staff Writer

SGA and Leadership are pulling out all the stops for this year’s Second Harvest competition. Ideas have been flying for weeks, and now Second Harvest is finally getting underway.

Promotional videos are always a popular part of the Second Harvest competition, and this year’s theme is “Hunger is Reality”. It will include five episodes in the format of a reality TV show. One episode will air every Friday on BBN News, and the first one is set to air Friday.

The idea this year is to use less paper and more digital advertisement. Besides saving the trees, it is yet another way to utilize our technology and reach students where they are. Other than Canvas, The Stallstreet Journal will also get a piece of the Second Harvest action.

This year, Spirit Week is from Sept. 29 to Oct. 3. Traditionally, each day has a theme and students can choose whether or not they would like to dress up and participate.

“[On] Spirit Days, we dress up and it helps us to talk about it and really get the message [about Second Harvest] out there,” junior class president Madison Daniels said.

Friday, as usual, will be Maroon and Gray day, but some other ideas include Pajama day, Class Colors day and America day. This year, Second Harvest organizers are trying to make Spirit Days easier so more students can participate.

“So you could dress like a normal human and still fit the theme,” SGA sponsor Mrs. Rebecca Nutter said.

Spirit Night is Oct. 2. All of the Bearden clubs are invited to set up tables and sell merchandise; half of their proceeds go to Second Harvest, and the other half goes to the club, which does a lot to support both Bearden and Second Harvest. Powderpuff football is also that night, during which girls from all four grades get a chance to take the field and represent their class. Senior boys will participate in male cheerleading.

Class T-shirts are also on sale this week in preparation for Spirit Week; the freshmen are green, sophomores are yellow, juniors are blue, and seniors are red. Anyone who purchases a class shirt and wears it to Spirit Night will get a discount on his or her entry fee.

Overall, Second Harvest Committee Chair Erin Dolvin is optimistic about this year’s effort.

“It’s a big year and I’m really excited and looking forward to being a leader of it,” she said.