Bearden’s first bowling team is ready to roll

Madison Chan, Staff Writer

Bearden’s first bowling team will get the ball rolling with their inaugural season this fall.

What may have started out as a hobby for many students has been turned into a promising team for Bearden.

Last week saw the end of tryouts, which consisted of each potential team member bowling two games for two scores. The scores will be used to create the final lineup for the team, which starts its season with a match against William Blount on Thursday.

Although many of the students interested in joining the team are simply looking for a fun new hobby, for some, this is another opportunity to play the game they love.

“I’ve bowled since I was really young, so I’ve always loved to bowl,” junior Jeannette Houck said. “It helps relieve stress for me when I’m really upset or have a lot of homework…just throw a ball at the pins.”

Senior Jake Walker is another practiced bowler looking forward to bowling for Bearden.

“[Bowling] started out as just a hobby, but then I joined a league last summer, and that was pretty fun,” Walker said.

Bearden’s team will be divided into a girls’ team and a boys’ team, each with up to 10 players. The team members will mostly practice on their own, but they will get a discount at Strike and Spare Family Bowl, the bowling alley where their matches will take place.

The season will last from now until tournaments, which are in mid-January, with an estimated 13 matches planned. The team will play once or twice a week most weeks, with a break in the schedule for the fall and winter breaks.

Coach Jennifer Allen said the bowling team will give students who were not as interested in the traditional high school sports “a new opportunity to be active and be involved.”

If a student missed the tryouts, but is still interested in the team, he or she is encouraged to speak to Coach Allen.