Bearden marching band raises money for new uniforms


The Bearden marching band performs during halftime of a recent football game. The band is hoping to replace these uniforms before next year.

Allie Gruszkiewicz, Staff Writer

With outfits reaching more than 15 years of age, Bearden’s marching band is raising money to purchase new uniforms.

The marching band has collected $42,000 of their $75,000 goal.

“Our current uniforms we are wearing are older than the students,” band director Mrs. Megan Christian said. “It’s time for them to be replaced.”

In addition to being dated, Mrs. Christian said that the band needs new uniforms simply because the clothes begin to deteriorate after so many years.

The marching band itself is not alone in wanting a better look. The band wanted to perform at Magic Kingdom over fall break, but Disney World informed them that they would have to march in Epcot because of their uniforms.

“With the [uniforms] we have now, just because of they way they look, people think less of us because of that,” junior Nathan Weaver said.

The rally for new uniforms is nothing new; the marching band began raising money four years ago. To reach their goal of $75,000, they have sold fruit, done carwashes, and taken up parking donations at home football games.

Senior drum major Elyse Kyle said that the community could fund the new uniforms in other ways as well. A website called and Kroger Community allow people to donate directly to the band. Kyle’s family has even sent a video of the band to Ellen Degeneres in order to request money, and the band is also considering a larger letter-sending project to request donations from several businesses.

If the band gets enough funding, there is a chance they could receive the new uniforms as early as next year. The new uniforms will make the band appear taller, more up-to-date, and more professional.

“I think they’re going to make the band look amazing,” Mrs. Christian said.

Although the marching band’s current uniforms stopped them from playing at Magic Kingdom, the band still enjoyed a successful trip to Epcot this weekend to play a stand tune and enjoy the park.