Musical theater class ready to cut ‘Footloose’ for this week’s shows


Taylor A. Johnson

Allison Balsley, Brady Moldrup, Alyse McCamish, Anna Smith, and Molly Yerger (left to right) rehearse for this week’s performances of Footloose.

Cameron Scott, Staff Writer

Hancen Sale now knows how to change into a tux in under 90 seconds.

While that sounds crazy, it’s one of the many seemingly impossible tasks Bearden’s musical theater students have to master before opening night.

Tech week is in full swing for musical theater’s production of Footloose, and the young Bearden talents are cracking down to give their best performance to date.

Once again, junior Anna Smith and senior Brady Moldrup are working together as the leads to bring the show to life.

“It’s definitely exciting and also nostalgic to perform alongside Brady again,” Smith said. “We have such great chemistry onstage, and we’re so used to acting together that our characters just click with one another.

“It also really helps that we have such a strong friendship, and we’re comfortable as a pair.”

Added Moldrup: “She is very truly one of the most talented people I have met. On top of that, she is incredibly humble … and has a great sense of humor—we have a blast.”

According to Smith, the two sometimes joke around with dialogue from last year’s performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie during rehearsal for Footloose.

The rest of the class recognizes their chemistry as well.

“It’s cool to see Brady and Anna as leads together because off the stage they have a great friendship, and I think that transitions into the great chemistry they have on stage together,” Sale said.

Despite many returning actors and actresses, a majority of the class is new to the stage, including Sale.

“The move from the seat to the stage has been surreal,” Sale said.  “I think (director) Mrs. (Leann) Dickson’s incredible professionalism and influence is second to none and makes that tough transition for a newbie an easy one.”

Mrs. Dickson and her musical theater class have never failed to impress their audience, and they continue to set the bar higher every year. This year’s show will include roller skating numbers, basketballs, and a real motorcycle.

There will be an in-school show during fourth block on Wednesday. Opening night is set to begin at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, and there are also shows on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m.