DECA students get professional tips from Tennessee Titans


Adam Dyer

Bearden seniors Andrew Witt and Andrew Bumpas try on Titans’ helmets while on the DECA field trip.

Madison Chan, Staff Writer

Bearden’s DECA students had the opportunity to experience marketing in a new way when they participated in the Tennessee Titans Learning Lab last week.

“This field trip accomplished what so many classes struggle to do – connecting the real world and real life careers to what students do in the classroom,” DECA teacher Coach Adam Dyer said.

The students learned all about the various marketing aspects behind the Tennessee Titans. There are so many things that go unnoticed with big commercial industries like football teams. Often overlooked are the people who plan itineraries for the team, clean the uniforms, handle media relations, etc. The 23 students who participated had a chance to tour the field and meet with a number of speakers who were willing to share their experience with the next generation of upcoming business leaders.

“I think that this [trip] showed kids that…there’s a lot of other people that make this thing go besides the football players,” Coach Dyer said. “One of the things that everybody that we saw speak had in common was their passion for sports and their passion for football.

“They found a way to make a living around something they were passionate about, but they didn’t necessarily have to be this elite athlete.”

DECA president Andrew Bumpas said this outing changed what he might consider doing in the future.

“[I might] look more into getting internships, which is one of the biggest pieces of advice they had for us out there…and just getting your foot in the door…to whatever career you’re going into,” the senior said.

For other students, it opened the possibility of other career choices they had not previously considered.

“[It showed me] that anything is possible, even if you never thought you would want to go into business…there are so many different opportunities in business… you’re [not necessarily] going to go sit behind a desk,” senior Lizzy Abston said.

Added Bumpas: “I never really considered going into marketing or sports… but it’s definitely something to consider because a lot of them said they were in the same position I am, [not really interested in sports] but the more you learn about it, and the more you learn about the inner-workings of it, the more interested you become.”

For Abston, one of the highlights of the trip was being able to walk around on the field.

“Most people probably don’t get that [opportunity],” she said.

Overall, Bumpas and Abston both agreed that the trip was an exciting but also learning experience, with a new perspective on all the different aspects of marketing and how they are involved in everyday life.

Students who have taken or are currently taking a first-year marketing class can apply to be in DECA.

DECA will also sponsor a toy drive for Mission of Hope, with more information available soon.