REVIEW: ‘Star Wars’ trailer should awaken rabid fan base

Zoey Line, News Editor

The last time Star Wars fans were able to experience the joy of a new movie trailer was a decade ago when Episode III: Revenge of the Sith came out. That all changed last week when J.J. Abrams and Disney released the first trailer for The Force Awakens coming out in December of 2015.

When the announcement came around that Disney bought Star Wars and were planning on releasing new movies, the fanatics’ reactions were mixed.

It wasn’t until it was announced that Abrams would direct the new film that fans really started to believe in the Force again.

Now, after this trailer, the fans have regained their excitement and are getting pumped for the new movies. I personally have now made it my goal to dress up as Han Solo and go to the midnight premier.

Since it’s just a teaser trailer, the plot and characters involved are really left up to the imagination. There is not much information, only educated guesses. This is pretty awesome because it keeps the anticipation for the film rising and keeps the excitement going.

I was a little sad after watching it the first time because Han Solo was not in it, but seeing the Millennium Falcon leaves me hopeful that my favorite space smuggler will play a significant role in the next film.

The trailer begins with an ominous voice in the background speaking about the force awakening. The voice is dark and raspy and made me jump a little when I heard it for the first time.

It then opens up to a sandy, dune filled landscape. It could possibly be Tatooine, but the lack of information makes that unclear at this time. John Boyega, in a helmetless storm trooper, pops up into view. He is breathing heavily and seems to have been running, but what from is the question.

The next scene then shows an adorable little droid rolling across the screen. Its head resembles that of R2-D2’s but its body is like an orange bouncy ball.

There is then a flash of storm troopers packed very tightly onto a ship. It flashes again and it shows the ship opening and the troopers exiting. This makes me nervous, because I thought we were done with this whole Empire business. Is the Empire reforming? Are evil forces at work once again?

A woman then appears on a strange vehicle speeding through the desert (again reminiscent of Tatooine). There aren’t all that many female human characters throughout the movies, so it’s exciting to see a potentially new female lead.

Racing x-wings with pilots bearing the rebel alliance symbol seems to suggest the alliance is once again at work and ready to take down whatever force may stand in their way.

It then shows a figure in the woods in an all black cloak. The figure then stops and slightly turns to reveal an incredible new lightsaber. It’s red, and there are two little almost mini lightsabers protruding right above the handle. This brings up the question: could these spikes cut the users hand? Are they there for defense or just for show? Is the narrator of the trailer the same Sith holding the new lightsaber, or is that just a red herring?

All of a sudden, John Williams’s classic Star Wars theme begins to play. The Millennium Falcon then flies magnificently across the sky. It twists and turns and avoids shots fired by approaching TIE fighters.

The classic Star Wars logo then emerges on the screen paired with the title. The screen then goes blank for what seems like a long time, and then the magical hum of the lightsaber quietly plays from the speakers.

This trailer was fabulous and exceeded my expectations completely. If the trailer was this good, Dec. 18, 2015 can’t come fast enough.