Bearden band transitions from marching to concert season with holiday concert


Taylor A. Johnson

Mrs. Megan Christian prepares for the holiday concert with her percussionists.

Caroline Rogers, Staff Writer

The Bearden band recently ended its marching season and has had to make the quick and drastic adjustment to concert season with this year’s holiday concert on Tuesday.

Featuring songs such as “March of the Toys” from popular Christmas movie Toyland, “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson, “Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming” a Christmas Carol with German origins, and two movements from a piece written by Gustav Holst, the band will showcase a more traditional holiday feel as compared to past years.

“It’s got that older sort of English, Christmas sound,” director Mrs. Megan Christian said, “whereas in past years we’ve also had a concert that’s been more modern Christmas sounding.

“(This concert) kind of reminds you of the classic stories like A Christmas Carol and things like that.”

The concert begins at 7 p.m., and admission is free.

While the general feel of the show will be more traditional, “Sleigh Ride” and a medley of Led Zeppelin songs performed by percussion will bring upbeat, recognizable tunes.

Many of the students (about 40) have had to pick up new instruments to accommodate a calmer, more melodic concert setting. The change was difficult for some of the new band members, but veteran members have been extremely helpful.

“Our band’s really good about helping people out when they need help,” senior saxophone player Brandon Phillips said.

Phillips played the mellophone during marching season.

“(The new members) are catching on really quickly and playing really well, and some of them are even really strong players for their level,” Phillips said.

To ensure the players know the material well, the band directors will randomly call on students to play pieces by themselves.

“It’s funny just to see their reactions,” Phillips said. “They sound fine when they play it, but they freak out and that’s a bit funny.”

Despite all of the changes, Mrs. Christian is confident in her students and in the show. When asked which song is her favorite, she could not decide.

“That’d be like saying ‘do you have a favorite kid?’” Mrs. Christian said.

Most aspects of the band will be showcased at the performance, including color guard and percussion, but the majorettes, who are important to marching band, may not have a part in the concert.

Nevertheless, senior majorette Anastasia Mitchell is excited for the show.

“I really like it,” Mitchell said. “I like Christmas music a lot, but I’m only in the brass class, so I only hear a portion of the show (during rehearsal).”

After this concert, the band will have to adjust to more changes for two other concerts on Feb. 23 and May 7.