Extended semester program offers students opportunity to recover credits

Mackenzie Lee, Staff Writer

When students have failed a class in the past, they were required to accept their failing grade, and retake the class regardless of their performance on the EOC.

Now with the extended semester program, students who failed a class but passed the EOC are being given the opportunity to recover that credit.

“They must have made at least a 50 in the class and have passed the EOC in order to demonstrate understanding and proficiency in the subject,” guidance counselor Mrs. Amanda Martin said.

Students interested in the program turned in a form before Monday. Other requirements include teacher approval from the teacher of the failed class, a $10 fee, and Saturday school attendance.

“It’s teacher driven, so teachers can choose if they’re going to let a student do it or not, so we haven’t really seen what the outcome is going to be from that yet,” Mrs. Martin said.

This is the second time the program has been offered, having been an option for students during the 2014 spring semester moving into the summer as part of the extended school year.

Several other schools in the area offer extended semester programs, the models from which inspired Bearden’s program.

“We hate to see students who are minimal, so they just barely failed a class, [and could have passed] if they had just done a little bit more,” Mrs. Martin said. “It’s not for the student who didn’t do anything the entire semester or was always behind or who really struggled, but for the student who really tried throughout the semester and gave it their all and just didn’t quite get the passing grade.

“We want to give them the opportunity to get that passing grade and not just have to lose that whole credit because of one little thing.”