Staff picks: Favorite Disney character


Bark Staff

This week, The Bark names its favorite Disney character. Obviously, this was a struggle for all of us; it was like picking a favorite family member for some of our more obsessive writers – Katie Matthews. See if your favorite made the list, or if we have made a serious error in judgment.

I’ve been waiting for the day that I get to talk about Disney because it is actually my favorite thing ever. The only problem with this staff pick is that it is really really hard to pick a favorite animated Disney character. I guess I narrowed it down to Stitch because I have two stuffed animals and he’s all over my car. (I may or may not have a very serious obsession.) [Katie Matthews]

I’d have to say that all three Toy Story movies are high up on my list of favorite Disney films, so naturally my favorite Disney character is Woody. He’s charming, lovable, and overall just a level-headed and quality individual. [Maggie Kimber]

If Chip isn’t one of the cutest little talking teacups you’ve ever seen, then you’re wrong. He’s so tiny and innocent, and you just can’t help but love him. [Mackenzie Lee]

Pascal is the cutest. So is Sven. I love them. [Taylor A. Johnson]

Rapunzel is so down-to-earth it is impossible not to love her. Besides the fact that she has glowing hair, she is one of the most relatable princesses, and her handy frying pan weapon can double as a way to make bacon on the go. If that doesn’t warrant the title of best animated character then I don’t know what does. [Danielle Fannon]

Doug is one of my favorites simply because he is the pure innocence of happiness and joy, all wrapped up in cute furriness and a wet nose. Also, he kind of looks and acts like my dog, so that is a plus. [Tori Lafon]

Robin Hood is my favorite. He’s an adorable little fox and he’s like the Han Solo of the cartoon world. [Zoey Line]

It is tough to pick a favorite Disney character, but Carl from Up has to be my favorite character. He is just a grumpy old man with an overall good heart. [Tyler Hotz]

Flik from A Bug’s Life is awesome. He may be an outcast, but is a wonderful inventor and has lots of good ideas. No one will listen to him, but in the end, he ends up saving the whole ant colony with the help of a few friends. [Michael Lepard]

Merida from Brave is definitely my favorite Disney character … just kidding that movie is awful. But really, my favorite character is the abominable snowman from Monsters Inc. I really want to try one of his famous lemon snow-cones. [Wyeth Wilson]

Belle, by far, is the best character Disney has created. She’s down-to-earth, she reads, and she’s not a completely helpless orphan. Also, while yellow is a nearly impossible color to pull off, she wears it better than anyone making her a true princess. [Kelsey Kinzer]