Art students create posters to help in fundraiser for Hosea’s Heart

Danielle Fannon, Staff Writer

Bearden’s Visual Arts I class created posters for a fundraiser taking place at Cool Sports on Saturday to raise money and support for Hosea’s Heart.

Angie Duncan, Executive Director and Founder of Hosea’s Heart, and Julie Sanders, Founder of Street Hope, spoke to the students on Thursday and Friday to prepare them for the challenge of representing the cause through their artwork.

Hosea’s Heart is a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness for sex trafficking in Knoxville along with providing support and encouragement for those affected by the industry.

Duncan describes Hosea’s Heart as a “survivor led” organization dealing with the 18 and older age group, while Street Hope is aimed toward an audience below 18.

Last week’s presentation provided the art students with details about the organization. They then searched for pre-existing posters and visual representations of sex trafficking to inspire their own poster.

“The goal was not to scare them about the dangers of sex trafficking,” Bearden art teacher Ms. Paula Goepfert said. “The presentation was supposed to anger them enough to make the most powerful poster they could.”

A total of about 80 posters all made by Bearden students will be hung around Cool Sports during the fundraiser. Skaters will have the opportunity to see the posters while providing a $3 donation taken from the cost of admission.

“It’s a two-hour time period from 4-6 (p.m.) where families can come to ice skate and raise awareness about sex trafficking,” said Bearden senior Alexa Cahal, who is getting her Senior Experience credit through an internship with Hosea’s Heart. “It’ll be fun and there won’t be anything explicit.”

Before creating the posters, students were required to make etches, mono-prints, and acetone transfers to practice the techniques that would be used on the final print.

“The students are getting to work as a real graphic designer,” Ms. Goepfert said. “It is also a good way for them to get their name out there.”

Through this project, Ms. Goepfert hopes to not only get the students more hands-on experience in working with different materials, but also to open students’ eyes on the dangers of the sex trafficking industry.

“I think it is a great way to get the students involved and raise awareness in teens,” Cahal said.

Visit the West Mall office for passes for the Cool Sports fundraiser. Contact Alexa Cahal at [email protected] or visit Hosea’s Heart’s Facebook page for a digital copy of the pass. For more information on Hosea’s Heart, visit their website at