New library chairs create more relaxing environment


Taylor A. Johnson

Students are enjoying the library’s new ambience.

Michael Lepard, Staff Writer

Over the past week, there’s been a subtle change to Bearden. As students walk through the school’s library, they may notice that a cozier type of atmosphere has taken hold with the addition of several different seating options and a new layout.

“We got three café tables with the tall chairs to kind of give it that coffee shop feel to it and to make it welcoming to students, and we just received the loveseats and club chairs,” librarian Ms. Amy Ballard said. “We’re arranging to make it comfortable for kids to come in and relax, work, read, and just have a nice place to gather.”

The new furniture gives the library a new, modern look. During lunch, there are usually several students sitting in the new chairs conversing and using their laptops.

All of the different seating options are being used too. Students seem to really be enjoying it, and the librarians are definitely excited to have the additions.

“It’s a good place to come in and do some homework or study during lunch or whenever you can,” senior Patrick Jackson said.

Now that every Bearden student has a laptop, there is no need for a large computer lab in the library. One row of computers does remain, though, for any students who may need to use them.

Not all of the additions to the library are here yet.

“Another thing that’s coming in is a long conference table that is being purchased by the Senior Committee, and it’s their gift. It’s going to be a collaboration station or area for groups to work,” Ms. Ballard said. “It’ll have connectivity where they can plug their laptops in and display whatever they’re working on together (on a flat screen TV).”

The librarians have not yet decided if they will keep the furniture in the arrangement that it’s in, but they will determine a final arrangement soon.