SGA meetings move to advisory to serve higher percentage of student body


Emma Mink

Bearden’s SGA meets during advisory for the first time.

Maggie Kimber, Entertainment Editor

Bearden’s SGA has scrapped the club’s traditional meeting time on Tuesdays after school in favor of a time that should be more convenient for all members.

They will now congregate during advisory on Fridays to better accommodate the schedules of those involved in sports and clubs.

“It’s hard to say whether or not, just by [moving meetings to advisory] we will be more successful,” Bearden administrator and SGA advisor Mrs. Rachel Harmon said. “That’s the hope and one of the reasons that we’re trying this change.

“I think it’s still going to require SGA members to communicate well and to be organized, and part of that is being able to more successfully reach more students in the student body and have more people there, so just by sheer numbers alone we can reach more people.”

This change will also allow more students to join as well as be more active in their participation. Tuesday afternoons were inconvenient for many students who cited their attendance as a reason for their inability to be in the club. Communication with other clubs will also be made easier by allowing more convenient access to students.

In the case of events such as Spirit Week and Homecoming, Friday meetings will better equip club members to prepare and collect materials for the upcoming week.

“It’s going to help because we are going to be able to get more information out to people,” junior class president Grace Fielder said. “The meetings are just going to be informational based, meaning that work days are just going to be after school, so it’s going to keep the council a lot [more] intact versus after school meetings.”

The first meeting was held this Friday. Prospective members can see Mrs. Harmon or Mr. Cody Martin for forms.