Staff picks: Best flavor of Bruster’s ice cream


Cassidy Bailey

Despite summer being over, Bearden students are still frequenting Bruster’s to get their favorite flavors.

On a typical summer night, a congregation of teenagers is bound to be crowded outside around a table at Bruster’s enjoying the summer air and devouring their sweet treats. The members of The Bark staff are no different – well, except Tyler – because they were all eager to share their favorite flavors when the idea for this staff pick came up. So, ice cream enthusiasts grab a spoon and head to Bruster’s while summer’s still here, and try out one of the staff’s favorites. Pretty soon, you might have a new favorite as well.

When I say my best friends literally dragged me to Bruster’s every other night this summer, it is not an exaggeration. When I say that I ordered a medium Blue Pop Italian Ice in a cup every time, this, too, is not an exaggeration. For any other lactose-intolerant, frozen treat enthusiasts, I would definitely recommend this item. [Maggie Kimber]

When teenagers go to Bruster’s, they usually get the biggest waffle cone they can, but when I go to Bruster’s, I opt for the kid’s menu. They have the absolute best dinosaur cookie sundae. Every time I see a green cookie with purple sprinkles, I immediately imagine my Bruster’s dino cookie and a wave of euphoria passes over me. Nothing in this world can beat an amazing Bruster’s dino cookie sundae. [Katie Matthews]

Most people hate anything green: I think ice cream should be an exception. Bruster’s mint chocolate chip ice cream is my absolute favorite. When I was little, I thought the idea of it was absolutely awful, but once I tried it, I changed my mind completely. Its refreshing creamy mint and perfectly sized chocolate bites come together to give its devourer absolute bliss. Definitely a win for Bruster’s ice cream. [Cassidy Bailey]

The Peanut Butter Puddles is not only a peanut butter lover’s creamy dream, but it also comes with chocolate krispies to satisfy any chocoholic. There is really nothing better than Bruster’s soft and creamy ice cream no matter the flavor. For all the peanut butter lovers, please try the Peanut Butter Puddles. I tip my hat to Bruster’s and their peanut butter powers. [Madison Tenney]

Honestly, I do not go to Bruster’s that much; however, this does not mean they do not possess my absolute favorite flavor of ice cream. Anything that has to do with bananas whether it be banana split or just plain old bananas I am a fan, but when you combine it with one of my favorite desserts, then it is just amazing. Maybe I should actually go try Bruster’s banana flavor; I bet it is great there like anywhere. [Tyler Hotz]

Cheesecake is always a good bet, so I would suggest New York Cheesecake. It pretty much tastes like your typical cheesecake, including little graham cracker bits. [Allie Gruszkiewicz]

Vanilla. [Wyeth Wilson]