Daniels brings new ideas, traditions to SGA


Cassidy Bailey

President Madison Daniels is ready for another great year with Bearden’s SGA.

Katie Matthews, Editor-in-chief

Every year as a new student takes the position of student body president, he or she has revived ideas for SGA that will improve the club, and this year is no exception.

The “girl with the curls” Madison Daniels is planning on making SGA even more successful and prominent in Bearden’s daily life through revamping the program but also focusing on the traditions SGA has always had like Second Harvest.

“I hope to grow SGA…however, we want to have substance, quality over quantity, but we’d still love to grow it and make it a better known organization at Bearden,” Daniels said. “I want Second Harvest to really go well this year so we can raise a lot of money and food for them.”

One Second Harvest strategy that SGA and Daniels have already implemented is to move their usual after school Tuesday meetings to advisory.

In order to stay close to tradition but also branch away, Second Harvest will work slightly differently this year.

“I love our tradition of Second Harvest,” Daniels said. “We’re going to do it online now, but we’re definitely still keeping spirit night, spirit week and homecoming.”

Second Harvest has also requested that Bearden exclusively collect money this year, instead of a combination of cans and money. Another opportunity of giving to Second Harvest is the telethon that SGA introduced last year.

While Daniels’s goals for SGA will continue to grow throughout the year, the “girl with the curls” is also involved in other organizations such as National Honor Society, senior committee, virtual enterprise, Bearden’s swim team, and her church’s youth group.

All of her organizations will contribute to making her an effective leader of the student body and SGA, and Daniels is confident that her blend of traditional and new ideas will prove successful.