Bearden band suits up, prepares for new marching season


Mr. Jamie Wilson

Bearden’s band finally has their long-awaited new uniforms, and they’re excited to break them in later in the season.

Allie Gruszkiewicz, News Editor


The band room is a scene of eager chaos as band students gather for a much-awaited moment – the uniform reveal. They’ve waited for years; now they have just hours of instruction, and they can try them on. Bearden’s marching band has always been a cohesive and talented group, but as they see each other in their brand new uniforms, they have an appearance to match it.

“It’s something we’ve waited so long to happen, and finally it has happened,” drum major and senior Jessica Mu said. “We’re just so lucky to be a part of getting new uniforms for the first time in [more than 15] years.”

Officially, the band has been saving for new uniforms for the past seven years, but there was a greater push last year when Disneyland denied them from Magic Kingdom because of their apparel. The new uniforms are “a mix of classic marching band with newer, sharper style.”

“[Band director] Mrs. [Megan] Christian asked us, ‘Do you guys feel kind of like superman when you put on your uniforms?’ and it seems like a silly question, but it was kind of true,” head drum major and senior Madison Chan said. “You kind of felt like a superhero in a way because it was a feeling like we had a new identity as a band.”

The band will march in their new uniforms later in the season, but they will wear their hot-weather uniforms for the first games.

Just as the new uniforms seem to pull the band together, this year’s drum majors are a tight-knit group. Seniors and twin sisters Jessica and Rebecca Mu join Chan as this year’s drum majors.

The trio has been friends long before becoming drum majors; they’ve hung out together since the sixth grade. While the previous drum major groups have usually been at least acquaintances, the current drum majors are closer than any in recent memory.

“I was ecstatic when I found out that the three of us made it together,” Rebecca said. “I was super excited to get started and get working on the show, and make this year the best year that we’ve had.”

This year’s show is called “The Pursuit of Happiness,” which follows the trials and triumphs of a woman’s life as she follows the “American Dream”. It includes classic rock tunes, slower lyrical passages, and interesting choreography.

Also new this year, the band has added a few new pep tunes to their repertoire, including some classic rock and Uptown Funk.

“I’m most impressed by how hard this group is working,” Chan said. “There’s energy all the time, and I just think it’s a really great group of kids.”

The marching band is accepting donations at a free car wash Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.