Noon, Davis named Best All Around at Annual Skits


Lizzy Noon and Griffin Davis were named Best All-Around for the Class of 2016.

Katie Matthews, Editor-in-Chief


Last night the long-awaited senior superlatives were announced at Annual Skits, an annual event that allows Bearden drama students to create skits that embody each superlative. After each skit, the seniors of the annual staff announce the winners.

The combination of the two events gives Bearden a unique way of announcing the winners of senior superlatives, while involving drama students who make the process more entertaining.

Here is the list of the Class of 2016 winners:

Best Looking: Rrita Hashani and David Shankles
Most School Spirit: Taylor Hampton and Walker Brown
Most Intellectual: Madison Chan and Wilson Skinner
Most School Service: Madison Daniels and Andy Chance
Most Likely to Succeed: Sydney Gabrielson and Eli Derrington
Wittiest: Brianna Drake and Brian Nachtrab
Best Dressed: Callie Elonen and Chase Berry
Most Athletic: Holly Hagood and Bryson Ford
Friendliest: Perry Johns and Matt Williams
Most Talented: Anna Smith and Jackson Bieger
Most Creative: Lara Repass and Aidan Kliebhan
Best All Around: Lizzy Noon and Griffin Davis

While all of the winners are grateful for their new-found titles, the two Best All Around students were especially excited that their peers think so highly of them.

“I feel honored and humbled that my senior class chose me,” Davis said.

Added Noon: “I am honestly so surprised, but really honored that the senior class voted for me.”

Annual staff also announced Who’s Who. Bearden staff select students to be Who’s Who winners based on their excellence in academics, sports, school service, leadership, SGA, fine arts, clubs, honors, community service, and student activities. Here is the list for the Class of 2016:

Veronica Allen
Madison Chan
Andrew Chance
Ty Chandler
Madison Daniels
Griffin Davis
Eli Derrington
Sydney Gabrielson
Chanler Geer
John Golliher
Holly Hagood
Perry Johns
Jessica Mu
Rebecca Mu
Lizzy Noon
Brady Nutt
Christina Paris
Hancen Sale
Riley Strickland
Nimisha Zaveri