Staff picks: Bring back these trends


Entertainment editor Maggie Kimber (right) is a big fan of these trends.

From the 80s, 90s, and the 2000s, trends have had their ups and downs. Some are here to stay like flannel shirts and Converse, but some are long gone like leg warmers and neon blue eyeshadow. This week, the staff has chosen their favorite trends they wish would come back.

When faced with the decision of a normal, boring, elastic hair tie, and the fun, versatile, innovation that is the beloved scrunchie, the scrunchie is the clear winner. It is hard for me to understand why they ever went out of style, given their practicality and stylishness. While they are not only healthier for your hair, I also believe that they add an element of liveliness to everyday life. #choosethescrunchie [Maggie Kimber]

I usually never got into trends, and I definitely believe that some deserved to die – I’m looking at you, Crocs. But for a small while, it was popular to wear knit ponchos to school, at least for my first grade class. It felt like wearing a blanket around all day, and it kept me warm through the relentless air conditioning. If we’re going to learn, let’s learn looking like a Peruvian folk band. [Allie Gruszkiewicz]

Can we take a moment to remember back to a time when having broad shoulders was a trendy thing? When women would pay money to have those tiger mom, independent female socialite,  kick butt feminist shoulders that portrayed power. Why is having broad shoulders a bad thing? Shoulder pads not only gave a woman a sense of confidence but the feeling that at any moment she could take control of the situation. So simply… shoulder pads = world dominance! [Madison Tenney]

I am not much of a person to get into trends, but I always thought bolo ties were something that should be seen more often. Occasionally I run into someone wearing one as a joke, but what if they were actually were actually commonly worn? The latest use I have seen of bolo ties is during some of quarterback Philip Rivers’s post game interviews. I honestly would be a fan of more people wearing bolo ties, especially if they have a liking for thinking outside of the box. [Tyler Hotz]

When I was in elementary school, Silly Bandz were the thing, and they definitely need to make a comeback. Back then, it was not uncommon to see someone walking down the hall with his or her arm completely covered in Silly Bandz. Everyone would trade Silly Bandz whenever there was a chance, in hopes of trading their way up to the coveted Phoenix silly band. I miss trading Silly Bandz, and I’m ready for them to make a comeback. [Wyeth Wilson]

Growing up obsessed with all things girly contributes to my love for fashion and accessories now. One trend that deserves a comeback are mood rings because they don’t get enough credit. Sure, kids still buy them with their Chuck-E-Cheese tickets, but more teenagers and adults should invest in mood rings. I mean what’s better than looking down at your hand and seeing the ring turn from color-to-color as your mood (or the temperature of your hand) changes. [Katie Matthews]

Temporary tattoos were one of the biggest trends back when we were in elementary school. Almost anything that required a prize had temporary tattoos, and my favorites were always the glittery fish. I remember the excitement of holding the damp wash cloth on the thin paper, and then pulling it away to reveal a super cool design. Definitely one of the best parts of being a 90s baby. [Cassidy Bailey]