Staff picks: Favorite simple recipes


These are not easy to make, but this article is filled with things that are.

Most high school students know that the best things in life can be eaten. But when it comes to cooking those things, not everyone can pull off a five-star meal, or even a batch of un-burnt cookies. This week, The Bark staff has come up with a list of our tastiest simple recipes.

Candy Corn Punch, contrary to belief, doesn’t taste like candy corn. To make this orange-lemonade drink, fill a glass or mason jar full of ice. After adding the ice, fill the glass about a quarter of the way with Orange Crush. Next add orange vitamin water until it is about half full. Once that is done, top off your cup with lemonade. Throw in a fun straw and you have a refreshing drink perfect for fall. [Cassidy Bailey]

Boil your favorite pasta. Add some pesto and chopped tomatoes. Throw in all the mozzarella and parmesan your heart desires. The best part? Stretchy cheese strings every time you lift your fork. [Allie Gruszkiewicz]

Pigs in a blanket are exactly what they sound like — well, kind of. This dish is simply roasted mini-sausages wrapped in strips of pastry (pre-made pie crust). Not only are they really easy to make in large quantities, but in my experience, they are also a crowd favorite. [Maggie Kimber]

When you need a cake fix but don’t want to put in the effort to make a cake, cake bars are exactly what you need. Get some yellow cake mix, one egg, half a cup of butter, half a cup of sweetened condensed milk, a cup of white chocolate chips, and your favorite sprinkles, then do some magical layering with the cake mix and chocolate chips, bake for 30 minutes and you have gooey and delicious cake bars. (For the full recipe, go to Pinterest and search gooey cake bars, and then rejoice because it’s the best and easiest dessert ever.) [Katie Matthews]

If you’re ever in need of a snack that is fair to the peanut butter and chocolate ratio, puppy chow will meet your salty sweet needs. The ingredients include: plain Chex, peanut butter (preferably smooth), some chocolate, powdered sugar and a bowl of any size. As far as proportions, it’s really up to you. First, put in your peanut butter, next chocolate. Then you add the chex and mix it together. Finally let the powder sugar fly, and enjoy your delicious snack. [Madison Tenney]

I make a pretty great grilled cheese. I must admit it is one of the few things I can actually cook, but I have been titled as “the master” of grilled cheese from my father. Only thing you need is a good skillet, some butter, bread, and two and a half pieces of cheddar cheese. The most important thing, though, is to make sure that the finished product is fully cooked and golden brown. Then grab some chips and watch some TV. The perfect meal for a Sunday full of football. [Tyler Hotz]

The only thing I really know how to cook is Ramen Noodles, which barely qualifies as cooking. After you add water to the noodles, you put that into the microwave for two minutes. Then the tricky part comes: carefully open the seasoning packet and pour it onto the noodles. If you can master this difficult process, you have yourself a bowl of Ramen Noodles, also known as heaven. [Wyeth Wilson]