Annual Second Harvest fundraiser to undergo significant changes

Maggie Kimber, Entertainment Editor


November is often associated with a time for giving thanks. In the minds of some students, it may even be associated with giving money and cans to Bearden’s annual Second Harvest Fundraiser.

This year will feature many changes, however, for students in SGA and the leadership classes as they work to create even more revenue for the charity while maintaining active student body involvement, since all proceeds will now be donated electronically.

For the typical student, the fundraiser will appear to work in the same way as past years; there will still be class competitions and boxes for cans in first period classrooms, but it will be up to SGA and leadership to transfer all of this money to an online account. Students also have the option to donate using an online link. Second Harvest committee chairs believe, however, that paper money will be the most popular form of donation.

“We need to get the word out to the student body and explain how to go online and donate,” Second Harvest committee co-chair Cate O’Donnell said. “We fear that people may be less inclined since it’s a new process [from what] everyone is used to.”

SGA advisor and administrator Mrs. Rachel Harmon is unsure how the online aspect will affect Bearden’s involvement.

“We are still going to do a lot of hand collection and then just transferring the money later on, but I definitely think that as we head towards a more digital world that it’s going to make an impact,” Mrs. Harmon said. “[Bearden students] are pretty plugged into being online, but I’m not sure if this will be a positive thing since students are used to turning in things specifically.”

Through events such as Spirit Night and the money raised through powder-puff and Second Harvest’s official kick-off, Bearden’s Fall Festival, the organization has already raised more than $6,000 toward their $15,000 goal. They plan to raise the remaining money through the various donation options and the telethon.

“It’s all a matter of making people aware and getting the word out, effectively,” Second Harvest co-chair Lachlan West said. “We are hoping that people will be responsive to the whole online thing and are going to click on the link to donate.”