B-Natural traveling to Ohio for a cappella workshop


Taylor A. Johnson

B-Natural is hoping to learn and grow at this weekend’s workshop in Ohio.

Katie Matthews, Editor-in-chief

While creepy, crawly, kooky things are happening in Bearden’s auditorium this week, the all-female a cappella group B-Natural is heading to Ohio for a workshop that conflicts with this year’s musical The Addams Family.

B-Natural will be in Ohio on Friday to attend a workshop for all types of a cappella groups so that they can learn from the other groups performing and better themselves through critiques of their set.

“[We are going to] learn from different groups and their techniques, and a lot of us are hoping to grow closer through the trip because it’ll be the first time we’ve spent a long period of time with each other,” senior Jennifer Williams said.

Through the weeklong workshop, the group will see six pre-chosen high school choirs, hear famous a cappella groups, and gain valuable knowledge to enhance their future performances.

B-Natural did audition to be one of the six groups performing, but they were not selected. They are, however, hoping to grow as a cohesive group, and with the choir’s young age, they are confident in obtaining that goal.

“[Learning from the other groups is] the most important thing because we are such a new group that it’s important that we learn how to be cohesive as a choir and have stage presence as well as just knowing the notes,” junior Maggie Kimber said.

While this group is looking to succeed in Ohio, they are also conscious of the timing of their trip. The girls involved in The Addams Family have to stay behind while the rest of the group prepares for this weekend.

“Since five or six of us are going to be doing musical theater while the rest of us are gone, we’re trying to practice some of our best songs that we sound the best on without all the girls from musical theater,” Williams said. “We’re doing that everyday and fixing things that need work and trying to make our parts stronger.”

In addition to the musical conflict, they are also trying to raise money to fund their chaperones. To do so, the group is having a bake sale every week until the end of the semester to pay the choral department back for their expenses.