Latin Club hosting murder mystery event to raise funds for state convention

Kira Suerth, Staff Writer

Anyone who’s played Clue knows how rewarding it is to figure out the murderer at the end of the game.

The Latin Club is hoping to recreate that simulated crime-solving fun by hosting a “Murder Mystery Night” on Saturday that is sure to leave attendees with the same satisfaction while providing the Latin Club with needed funds.

Tickets are $12, and doors will open at 6 p.m. The event will be in Bearden’s cafeteria.

There will be 12 to 16 tables set up as characters and students spend their time solving the murder and figuring out the murderer’s motive. There will also be Mardi Gras themed food with a drink station as well as prizes for the winners.

All of the Latin Club members are trying to advertise Murder Mystery Night. Junior Giulianna Tapia is using the “appeal of food” technique. She also mentioned that no one knows the answers to the mysteries except the club officers, so it is truly a mystery.

Senior Cassidy Schuchmann added the need for attendance for the murder mystery. The funds raised will be used for the Latin Club to attend the Tennessee Junior Classical League Convention (TJCLC), which holds contests among Latin Clubs in the state. Bearden’s Latin club has been attending TJCLC for 30 years; this year, the competition is held in Memphis.

“It’s going to be fun, there’s lots of games and Mardi Gras themed food,” Schuchmann said. “We want lots of people to come so we can go to Memphis.”

There are more than 80 different categories within the competition, but the first thing the members must complete when they arrive is the academic testing. Bearden’s Latin Club will participate in singing competitions, all of the dramatic Latin speaking competitions, and the Latin Scholars’ Bowl. The members will most likely enter a total of 40-50 different contests in the competition.

“We make all our money from fundraising and then students pay, so that’s why it’s so important,” Latin club sponsor Mr. Sandy Hughes said. “We need more money than usual because it isn’t in Nashville this year.”

Members of the Latin Club will be selling tickets throughout the week, but tickets will also be sold at the door Saturday night.