Staff Picks: Favorite spring jams


As the cold finally goes away and warmer weather is on the horizon, everyone needs some spring jams to listen to in preparation for the summer. Check out these spring songs that are sure to get you excited for warmer weather and summer.

No better way to celebrate the return of sunny days and driving with the windows down than with Rascal Flatts’s “Life is a Highway”. A classic with easy to learn lyrics and great rhythm, this is my go-to song to jam out to. [Madison Chan]

The new, long, and warm spring days always welcomes a new playlist for me. The song “Lost in the Moment” by Daniel Lee Kendall is just a refreshing, happy song that reminds me of the beginning of summer and the new blossoms of spring. [Kira Suerth]

My favorite spring jam is a little old, but to me it’s a classic. “Beautiful Day” by U2 is definitely one of my all time favorites. It’s a really upbeat song, but you can still chill out to it also. Every time I hear it, I can’t help but smile. To me, spring is the time of the year when you can just chill out because it’s getting warm and still get pumped about summer, and this song uses both qualities amazingly. Please listen to this song immediately. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Bono is one of the coolest people ever. [Madison Tenney]

When this staff pick was proposed, I thought it would be an easy one that I could choose in a matter of seconds, but it has been hard to choose just one spring jam. So, I’m going to choose two songs. My favorite spring jams are “Island in the Sun” by Weezer and “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. These two songs are perfect to prepare you for summer, so go listen to them if you haven’t – if you haven’t heard them, I’m worried for you – and have fun jamming to some quality tunes. [Katie Matthews]

One of my favorite spring “jams” has to deal with the beginning of baseball season. People love to hate on baseball, especially Wyeth, but John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” is so commonly played that even people who don’t like baseball or sports in general probably can hum along to a few bars. My dad and brother both love baseball, and even though it isn’t my favorite, the game still has so many great songs and traditions that go along with a day at the ballpark. [Tyler Hotz]

“Bad Dream” by The Mowgli’s is one of my favorite spring “jams”. It has a fun beat and the lyrics talk about just living and having fun. [Cassidy Bailey]

The only answer to this question should be “Rocky Top.” Go Vols. [Wyeth Wilson]

I’ve been slightly obsessed with Elliott Smith for the past two months or so, and while it’s not extremely upbeat or climactic, I have found myself jamming to “Either/Or” a lot lately. This leads me to believe there is perhaps a correlation between my love for the happy acoustic song and the arrival of spring. Keeping this in mind, one could conclude that it is my spring “jam.” [Maggie Kimber]

As I was racking my brain to think of all the great 90s and early 2000s music that defines my childhood, the new song “My Church” by Maren Morris came on the radio, and I found a winner. Although it is a country song, I think it could appeal to a lot of different music fans due to the laid back feel that forces you to roll the windows down and find a nice back road. [Danielle Fannon]

My favorite jam is raspberry. [Allie Gruszkiewicz]

To listen to all of the songs, check out the playlist here.