Administration prepares for Senior Celebration as BBN produces 2016 WOW video


BBN assistant station director Michaela Leib films one of the cut scenes for the 2016 WOW video. Leib is co-producing the WOW video with station director Rrita Hashani and news anchor Brian Nachtrab.

Allie Gruszkiewicz, News Editor

Witch Of the West? Wombats Offering Watermelon? We Only Wonder? No one – not even BBN sponsor Mr. Tim Vacek – is quite sure the origins of what “WOW” stands for, but for Bearden seniors, the WOW video and the Senior Celebration where the video premieres stand for a culmination of their final year of high school.

Senior Celebration is an annual awards ceremony specifically for the graduating class. The nature of the awards at Senior Celebration is slightly different from those at Bearden’s Best, where awards are given to students in every school subject. At Senior Celebration, both academic and social awards as well as scholarships and special honors will be given to members of the class of 2016.

“It’s a final experience,” assistant principal Dr. Rod Crockett said. “It’s a final time together before graduation.”

Because parents will not attend the Senior Luncheon, Senior Celebration is an opportunity for them to gather at Bearden with their students for the last time. About 200 students will be receiving awards this year.

Before the ceremony, seniors will be able to write the name of the college they will attend on a “college board” in the West Mall. Senior luncheon will be May 16 at noon and Senior Celebration will be the same night at 7:30 in the auditorium.

In addition to awards and scholarships being presented, seniors will also be able to see the 2016 WOW video. Produced each year by BBN, the WOW video is a compilation of the year’s events. The WOW video has been a Senior Celebration tradition for more than a decade.

“My goal as a director is trying to make it different from all the other ones, which is difficult because there’s this ‘mold’ every year,” BBN Station Director Rrita Hashani said. “I’m trying to keep all the traditions in place, but add my own little touch to it.”

The WOW video takes about a month to put together, although BBN has been filming shots for it all year. Hashani said that this year’s WOW video includes memories to make seniors laugh and cry, alongside “a hint of” a pretty big pop culture phenomenon from this school year.

“They can expect tears, laughter, and emotions,” Hashani said.

As for what WOW stands for, Hashani’s best guess is “Walruses Over Whales.”

Although the WOW video will first be shown at Senior Celebration, it will also be played on BBN after the seniors’ last day. Students will also be able to access it online. Its only airing on the big screen, though, will be at Senior Celebration.

More information about Senior Celebration and other senior events will be announced at the senior class meeting on May 6 during advisory.