Staff picks: Best of 2015/16 at Bearden

The 2015/2016 school year is almost over and that means that it’s time for everyone to get sentimental. Here are the best/most memorable moments of this year.

My “Best of 2015/2016” memory would be the annual Uncommon Core show. The AP Art students held it at Ijams Nature Center, and it was a blast because of the art, music, and food. What more could you ask for? [Cassidy Bailey]

My favorite 2015/2016 memory was when the marching band stopped looking, as one observer stated, “like the march of the penguins”. The new uniforms gave us a sleek new look and after 15 years of the old jazz style uniforms, it was time for an upgrade. But let’s be honest—the part everyone was really looking forward to was the plumes. [Madison Chan]

My favorite 2015/2016 memory is when the school announced that we will be getting a new schedule next year. Instead of having ILP, people can look forward to a “skinny” period, and thanks to AP classes, I can look forward to a free period. Thank you for that! [Madison Tenney]

My favorite new event this year was the Fall Festival. It was my first time trying poutine, and in one of the games, I won a little plastic fish that I will cherish forever. With great food, friends, and performances, Fall Festival wasn’t the worst way to spend a Thursday night.  Also, filling Katie’s trunk with mulch was an unforgettable experience. Good job, Leadership and SGA. [Allie Gruszkiewicz]

One of my favorite 2015/2016 memories was the production of The Addams Family from the BHS Theater Department. Sitting in the audience during their performance was an incredible experience. The sets were astounding, as well as the high-quality acting from the Bearden cast. Their hard work really showed through and caused a roar of applause in the crowd. [Kira Suerth]

There have been many awesome moments from this school year, but I of course will stick to the most important ones – Bearden sporting events. While I did not make the Science Hill football game, I was able to see Bearden thump Karns 50-7 in their opening game. Bearden went from 1-9 my junior year to 6-5 this year – including wins over Bradley Central, Dobyns-Bennett, and Science Hill in three consecutive weeks. Covering Bearden sports this year was such a great experience, and I thank everyone who was a part of it. [Tyler Hotz]

Bearden has seen some pretty great moments this school year, but the most memorable one I can think of is the auditorium renovation campaign. While it hasn’t been the absolute best moment of my or anyone in senior committee’s life because of the stress involved, the renovation will still be something that goes down in school history. The class of 2016 will definitely be remembered for this project. [Katie Matthews]

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend most of the sporting events this school year, but toward the end of the football season, I had the privilege of seeing an amazing overtime win against Science Hill. Other than the ringing in my ears leftover from an extremely loud student section, and getting covered in water from a brief water bottle debacle, it was the most fun I had ever had watching a football game. [Maggie Kimber]

There were several great sports memories this school year – so many that it’s hard to pick just one. So I’ll say three. The first came in October, when Bearden beat Science Hill on a game-winning two-point conversion to move into second place in the Region 1-6A standings. Less than two months later during basketball season, freshman Trent Stephney hit a game-winning shot with two seconds left to beat Farragut in overtime. Fast forward three more months, and Bearden was playing Farragut again, this time in the district tournament at West. At least 200 Bearden students made the trek out to West, and Bearden eliminated Farragut from the district tournament. Go Dawgs. [Wyeth Wilson]

Although there isn’t much to see yet, Bearden made efforts this year to add some more plant life to the campus. What started out as mysterious dirt holes waiting to twist an ankle will one day bloom into beautiful Dogwood trees that will be around for years to come. [Danielle Fannon]