Students, teachers reflect on Bearden’s new 5-period schedule

Maggie Price, Staff Writer

Students at Bearden are experiencing yet another change in their schedule.

Starting this school year, the schedule now includes five classes. The new class period will provide more opportunities for learning and education than were previously available at Bearden.

This new addition to the schedule is a “skinny” class; it is 3rd period and is a 45-minute class for the full school year.

The new schedule is as follows:

       1st Block: 8:30-9:49

       2nd Block: 9:57-11:15

       3rd Block: 11:23-12:08

       4th Block/Lunch: 12:16-2:04

                   Lunch A: 12:16-12:46

                   Lunch B: 12:55-1:25

                   Lunch C: 1:34-2:04

       5th Block: 2:12-3:30

Many students who take AP classes are taking advantage of this new class by taking a study hall.

“Students who are overloaded with AP and honors courses can request a study hall that allows time to prepare for the workload required of them through those courses,” instructional coach Mrs. Amanda Edsell said. “Other students who need specific help with reading or math are able to receive instruction without losing time in core classes or staying after school.”

The “skinny” can provide intervention for students who need it without them having to go to tutoring before or after school.

“I think it’s also an awesome time to offer some electives to students that they normally wouldn’t get to take,” assistant principal Mrs. Rachel Harmon said.

Students in classes such as SGA and Key Club are able to meet everyday with the same group of students throughout the whole year. The full year class allows students to take advantage of classes that would not have been available to them prior to the five block schedule.

The change to the schedule was made in order for Bearden to address different needs among the school.

“The schedule change also allowed for much needed study halls, freshman seminar, and other classes that may serve students better as year long courses,” Mrs. Edsell said.

Students can take this time to further their education and to be able to work with others. Another reason this schedule was created was for students who wanted to participate in the Byington Solway program, which is a CTE program that takes place at Karns High that includes classes that normally wouldn’t be available to Bearden students. The schedule allows students to be transported more easily than before.

The schedule also provides an intervention opportunity for math and language arts for students who need extra support.

This schedule benefits the students in many ways; last year, the schedule changed every day due to ILP, but this year it is a constant.

“Not having ILP gives the everyday schedule more clarity and it’s easier for me to be more productive in school when I know that the schedule is the same,” Bearden junior Emma Daniels said.