Graham the next BHS administrator to go ‘Over the Edge’ for a good cause


Kira Suerth

Bearden assistant principal Mrs. Anna Graham wears her favorite pajamas on Thursday to support fundraising efforts for “Over the Edge.”

Julia Adams, Staff Writer

Rappelling down a 12-story building is no easy task. However, doing it in support of the Restoration House makes this feat completely worth it – at least for several Bearden administrators.

Knoxville’s Langley Building will serve as more than an office space Saturday at 10:30 a.m. when Bearden assistant principal Mrs. Anna Graham takes on this challenge. Principal Dr. John Bartlett participated a year ago.

The Langley Building is the site of Over the Edge’s fundraising campaign for the Restoration House.

“The Restoration House is a nonprofit charity that houses single mothers and their children that have had domestic violence issues or homelessness issues,” Mrs. Graham said.

Fundraising for this event is not possible without the help of Bearden’s students. In order for Mrs. Graham to participate in Over the Edge, the BHS community must raise $2,500, which they have not yet completed.

The SGA raised some of this money by selling wristbands to students for Thursday’s pajama day.

“All the money that we raise and donate will go to the Restoration House of Knoxville which helps displaced women and their children find permanent jobs and their housing,” said senior Sam Daniel, who is head of SGA’s Over the Edge Committee.

For those who prefer not to wear pajamas to school, there are other ways to get involved. Bearden’s Twitter page contains a link that will provide a way to donate online.

Dr. Bartlett had only positive things to say about his experience last year.

It was truly amazing,” he said. “The proceeds went to Restoration House which helps women and families and crisis; the company that oversaw the rappelling was completely professional, and it was a first class operation.”

Last year, Bearden raised a total of $3,000, and this year the goal is to achieve even more. Bearden still has another month to complete the fundraising goal.

Mrs. Graham feels a number of emotions for her upcoming experience.

I’m apprehensive,” Mrs. Graham said. “I’m not scared, I’m not nervous, I just don’t know what to expect from myself.”

Bearden students can come to the Langley Building for themselves to see this unique event, and help an important cause.