SGA will host tailgate before Bearden-Hardin Valley game


Kira Suerth

SGA vice president Maggie Kimber celebrates after Bearden’s win against Karns this year.

Julia Adams, Staff Writer


Bearden clubs will receive some major publicity on Friday.

WATE has contacted Bearden in hopes of broadcasting the SGA-sponsored tailgate from 4 to 6:30 p.m. before the Bearden vs. Hardin Valley game. The event will take place on the football practice field.

“The news is giving us an opportunity to express what Bearden is about and what our school spirit is to the Knoxville Community,” SGA President Grace Fielder said. “Hot 104.5 is coming and [SGA] is basically to be like the baseline and stronghold of the tailgate.”

The tailgate is not limited to SGA students only. Various Bearden clubs will also display their purpose in the hopes of recruiting members. Students of all backgrounds and interests are invited.

The tailgate is reaching out to wide variety of audiences. The city of Knoxville can tune in on WATE and experience the tailgate directly from their home.

“The purpose is to have community involvement and positive media,” Bearden assistant principal Mrs. Anna Graham said.

The tailgate will also serve as a way to stir excitement before the game.

“I know we have had a lot of success in our first two games,” Bearden athletics director Mr. Dan Parker said. “We have a lot of talent, as do they. I am confident that we will win.”