Drama department, annual staff preparing to reveal Senior Superlatives

Luke Dudrick, Entertainment Editor

With another new school year comes another edition of a Bearden tradition: Annual Skits.

The BHS drama department and annual staff are presenting Annual Skits on Tuesday in the auditorium. Annual Skits begin at 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $7.

Annual Skits are centered around the presentation of the Senior Superlatives for the Class of 2017.

This year’s theme for the Annual is “BE,” and this goes for Annual Skits as well. “BE” appears on all of the flyers for the skits, and it will be a central component of this year’s yearbook.

“We didn’t want to pick one of those fluffy words that doesn’t really have a meaning,” Annual Co-Editor Cate O’Donnell said. “We wanted to incorporate what it means to be a Bulldog and who you will be this year, so that’s why ‘BE’ is the theme.”

Following the retirement of Mr. Glen Ellington last semester, Bearden’s new theatre arts teacher Mrs. Katie Alley is in charge of Annual Skits, and she is excited about the show.

“I expect it to be a really fun night that honors the seniors that will win the different superlatives, and also honor the theater students and the annual staff that are all working together to create the show,” Mrs. Alley said.

Mrs. Alley noted the fast pace and challenge of preparing theater 1 students for such a production early in the semester.

“It is a tall order but it also is a great way to get [theater 1 students] seen and really put them in a situation where they are performing in front of an audience, which I would say most theater 1 classes in Knoxville don’t get to do,” Mrs. Alley said.