Senior Patel elected as president of growing HOSA club

Julia Adams, Staff Writer

It’s not easy to balance being an AP student, an athlete, a musician, and Vice President of Key Club.

But senior Deneil Patel can now add HOSA President to that already impressive list.

HOSA, the Health Occupation Students of America club, serves to help students develop leadership and technical skills through the support of the club and the medical community around them. The club meets Mondays after school.

HOSA is one of Bearden’s largest student run clubs and continues to grow.  

“In recent years, our membership has declined,” Patel said. “We have more members this year than we have had all three years since I have been here.”

In addition to discussing business matters, HOSA competes in medical competitions. Initially, students are required to take a qualification test, and if they pass, students eventually compete in a health-related category. This past year, Patel qualified to compete at the state level, but could not compete due to scheduling issues.

HOSA members are encouraged to compete in the competitions, and the deep-rooted rivalry with Farragut encourages Bearden students to compete to their fullest abilities.

In past competitions, Bearden has fallen short to Farragut, and this year Patel is planning to lead HOSA members to triumph.

“I have been sponsoring this club since it was chartered in 1995-96,” Bearden HOSA sponsor Mrs. Glenda Inman said. “We get amazing students who go on to be every kind of health care professional.

“It’s really rewarding to see individual growth in the students as leaders and future health care professionals.”

Other than Patel, HOSA has many other students on the executive board. Junior Ismail Ouddi serves as Vice President, Brooke Stillson as Secretary, Nesma Abdelnnabi as Public Relations, Eva Karnowski as Parliamentarian, and Selin Sazil as Historian and Photographer.

Patel’s close friend and fellow board member Ouddi is confident in Patel as a leader.

“He is very organized and is going to be a very effective president because he really knows how to take charge during a meeting,” Ouddi said.

“Deneil has some ideas where the club is going. He is really dedicated to the club and passionate about it.”