‘Bearden Captured’ set for return as monthly feature on BBN News

Maggie Price, Staff Writer

Popular BBN feature “Bearden Captured” came to an abrupt end last year, but it makes its return next week with high hopes of increasing student participation.

“Bearden Captured” is a way for Bearden students to send in their photos that best capture BHS student life. The top pictures then appear in a segment on BBN.

“Bearden Captured” was cancelled last year because students were not tweeting enough pictures to the designated account and hashtag. This year, however, “Bearden Captured” is back with multiple improvements.

“When it started a few years back, what we were trying to do was come up with a feature on BBN that would allow us to showcase as many Bearden students as possible,” Mr. Vacek said.

One change to the new “Bearden Captured” is that there will no longer be weekly themes as there were in previous years. The decision to remove themes was due to the fact that not everyone took pictures at certain events, or not everyone was comfortable with submitting certain pictures that would be seen by the whole school.

Without the themes, BBN co-director Sam Daniel hopes that more students will be willing to send in their pictures.

“Through many meetings with Mr. Vacek, [co-station director] Callie [Dowd], and I, we decided that people weren’t participating due to the fact that there were specific themes that you had to do each week so we decided to get rid of the themes and hopefully that will up participation,” BBN co-director Sam Daniel said.

Pictures are now aimed to show what student life is like at Bearden and to showcase the student body at school.

The other big change is that it will now be monthly instead of weekly. This allows students to have more time to take and submit pictures to the Twitter account and the new Instagram; this change is set to increase participation as well.

“Now with the Twitter and Instagram, we have more ways of reaching the students so they have more ways of knowing ‘Bearden Captured’ is coming back,” BBN reporter Taylor Cruze said.

An issue that was prominent last year was the lack of communication; some advisories were not watching BBN and did not know about “Bearden Captured”; some students did not have access to the resources to find out about it.

Submit pictures capturing student life and the student body of Bearden on Twitter or Instagram by tagging @beardenHSnow.