FCA hosts dodgeball tournament, raises money for Gatlinburg wildfire victims


Maggie Kimber, Editor-in-Chief

A few weeks after many Bearden clubs rallied together in order to help residents affected by the devastating wildfires that ravaged Gatlinburg through a variety of drives and fundraisers, FCA is hosting another event that will benefit the victims.

FCA is holding a dodgeball tournament in the Bearden gymnasium on Tuesday.

While the objective of the tournament is to generate money for the cause, leaders in the organization hope that it will also help restructure the club.

“We have been wanting to change of the model of how we do FCA at Bearden to a more intramural based ministry, so we had been planning to do a Dodgeball Tournament in early 2017,” senior Andrew Granger said.

Participating in the tournament costs $5 per player.

“We hope to raise a few hundred dollars,” Granger said. “That’s not a ton of money, but it could make a difference in the lives of families who lost everything.”

The club plans to continue hosting intramural events at Bearden in hopes to raise awareness about FCA and to benefit a variety of causes as well as the student body.

“Other FCA programs across the state have changed towards an intramural based outreach, and they have had exciting feedback and participation from students,” Granger said.