Sophomore violinist selected for All-State Orchestra for second year

Emily Simmons, Staff Writer

Bearden violinist Salina Fang recently was selected to attend All-State Orchestra, an elite and challenging music group, for a second time.

“Last year I went to All-State, and it was a really unique, challenging experience,” Fang said. “I was the fourth chair previously, so there were three other people ahead of me who were all older, which was intimidating, but this year I hope to attempt to get the first chair which is definitely a challenge I am looking forward to this year.”

The sophomore, who is also a HOSA and Latin Club member, has been playing the violin since she was 3 years old and received her lessons from her parents who were both musicians.

“It was very easy for me to access a teacher anytime which allowed me to get better as I continued to play,” Fang said. “I felt that since I have the experience and ability to join these types of competitions, I felt that I should take the opportunity and use it to truly expand my skills.

“All-State was really fun last year, but it was also really challenging. It can be really intimidating because there are people who have been practicing just as much if not more than you.”

All-State Orchestra is a unique opportunity for students selected to participate. The students perform and practice with other elite musicians from all over the state, which can present several challenges.

“[A] challenge I face is my self-confidence, as a musician, you have to [possess] some type of an ego saying that you are really good in some way,” Fang said. “For me, it’s more of remembering my mother; she passed away a few months ago and when I think of her, I always remember I should make sure that this moment is better than the moments she has seen, that way she can see the best parts of me, even though [she is no longer here].”

Not only does Fang participate in orchestra and various school activities and orchestra, but she is also a member and one of three concertmasters with the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra.

“Salina is an excellent leader, she is an [excellent] player due to her [musical background],” Bearden orchestra director Mrs. Cynthia Wright said. “She is very patient in class, even though, some of the music we play is not very challenging for her, she still is a very humble and good leader for other students.”

“I don’t foresee any major challenges for Salina in regards to All-State. It can always be a new and sometimes challenging experience to work with a new director and group of musicians, but I don’t foresee that being an issue for her,” Mrs. Wright continued.

Fang plans to continue with her music career and grow as a musician throughout her education and overcome any challenge that may come her way.

“I want other students to know that right now this is high school and you should take the opportunities you have because it’s relatively inexpensive and easily available because once you’re in college, it might not be as easy,” Fang said. “And when you do take the chances and opportunities and just go for it and do it, you’ll just get this feeling like ‘yes I did that; I did this.’”

Fang was one of two students from Bearden selected to participate in All-State orchestra. Junior Millie Runion was also selected to participate in the elite group. Check back in the upcoming weeks for Runion’s story.