Prom committee reveals moon-lit theme, new venue


Natalie Campbell stands next to the new poster for prom on May 6.

Alec Apostoaei, Staff Writer

Bearden students will dance the night away at prom this year with the theme of “Magnolias in the Moonlight.”

We chose this theme specifically because we thought we could work with it the best,” senior member of prom committee Rochelle Wexell said.

Decorations will include magnolias placed in mason jars, fairy lights, accent colors, and a focus on different kinds of lighting in order to represent the feeling of moonlight.

In addition to the new theme, prom will be hosted at a newly built venue, the Mill and Mine.

This downtown event center in the middle of historic Knoxville has 16,000 square feet of usable event space. Compared to last year’s location, The Standard, there’s an additional 6,000 square feet of usable space. Because of the increase in size, 600 tickets will be sold.

“It’s a lot bigger location, and there’s actually parking so you don’t have to ride the bus,” senior prom committee member Cali Brown said. “There’s multiple areas to dance and an outside area to hangout.”

Prom is May 6, and tickets will be sold March 20-24 for seniors, followed by a week of selling on March 27-31 for both juniors and seniors.