Senior Committee creating new, improved outdoor classroom


Kira Suerth

The new outdoor classroom will be on the western side of campus, near the memorial garden.

Bridget Greer, Staff Writer

Bearden’s seniors have always had a tradition of giving something back to the school, and this year is no exception. Senior Committee decided to take on the project of updating the current outdoor classroom and memorial garden.

The committee noticed how the classroom seemed to be going unused due to the lack of upkeep and care it had been receiving, so they are constructing a new one near the memorial garden.

In its new location, it will be quieter and easier to use. The current location is by the school’s generator system, making it hard for students to focus.

“When we were trying to decide on the outdoor classroom, it ultimately came down to how everyone often talks about wanting an outdoor classroom, but the one we currently have never gets used,” senior committee member Alec Apostoaei said.

The new classroom will have an amphitheater-like layout, with benches and a podium made out of weatherproof material to keep them intact so they will last as long as possible.

Senior class president Konnor Kah said the noise problem should be much improved with a barrier of trees next to the road, blocking out traffic noise and other things that can be distracting to learning.

Name plates for the benches in the new classroom can be purchased for $300 a bench or $150 for half of a bench.