Two seniors making the most of their final year at Bearden by forming a band


Kira Suerth

Bearden seniors Lucas Baudry (guitar) and Nathaniel Blalock (drums) formed the band Cabbage College this summer.

Julia Adams, Staff Writer

When Lucas Baudry and Nathaniel Blalock started playing music together, it was just two friends playing songs and having jam sessions in Blalock’s living room.

This summer, though, the two Bearden seniors decided it was now or never if they were going to fulfill their ambition of starting a band.

While meeting over the past summer, the stresses of the college application process became present in both Baudry and Blalock’s life. Therefore, they devised a band name that captured how they felt being high school seniors and preparing for the next stage in their lives.

Thus, Cabbage College was born.

“Being a senior, that’s kind of where the college idea came from,” Blalock said. “And we don’t really have that long to be in a band. We just jumped on that chance to do it.”

Both Baudry and Blalock are musically inclined with Baudry playing the guitar since he was 13 and Blalock playing the drums since he was 10. Recently, they added another member to Cabbage College, John Cromer, a senior at CAK high school.

Cromer plays bass, and his addition has given the band now a more complex and bold sound, Blalock said. Cabbage College plays a variety styles of music ranging from indie to punk rock. They are open to potentially having more members and playing more styles of music such as classic rock.

Cabbage College has played at multiple settings including Open Chord and The Lighthouse. Cabbage College performs their own songs as well as covers of songs.

“Our proudest achievement is ‘All-Star’ from Shrek,” said Baudry, who also provides vocals for the band. “We played it at the Lighthouse and at Open Chord.”

Writing songs involves a lot of improv for Baudry and Blalock. It is a creative process where the band members will experiment on their instruments and eventually find what they like after lots of listening and performing in Blalock’s living room.

“Nathaniel was joking around that although we were doing this for fun, it was something we could put on our college application,” Baudry said.

They started with a list of 80 different potential band names. They then narrowed it down to three names and ultimately ended up choosing Cabbage College. Cabbage College band members meet once a week for an hour and in preparation for a show they try to meet two or three times a week.

Baudry and Blalock hope to add their songs to Spotify soon. They have still yet to record their songs with the proper equipment and send it to a distributor who can place it on Spotify. For right now, they have an Instagram account under the username @cabbagecollege to stay connected to the public.