SGA planning more casual Hawaiian Homecoming dance


Kira Suerth

Soriya Gast, Andrew Peters, Natalie Parks, Hailey Crowe, and Aurora Silavong (left to right) wear their class colors during Spirit Week.

Maggie Price, Entertainment Editor

Homecoming has a new twist this year. SGA has created something that will set Bearden’s homecoming dance apart from other schools as well as previous years at BHS.

Homecoming will have a Hawaiian theme, the same as the game immediately before the dance. It is set up to be a casual event rather than formal. Students can wear what they wore to the game, as long as it still meets school dress code.

However, if students want to dress up, they are still allowed to.

“We mainly decided for it to be casual so that people could still go to the football game and just go straight from the game to the dance,” homecoming committee president Anna Duffey said. “We wanted people to not have to choose between the game or the dance.”

This will benefit many students who were conflicted about whether or not to attend the game or the dance since going to both can be problematic. Many students would previously skip the game to get ready and dress up for homecoming. The change will hopefully increase attendance to both the game and the dance.

Homecoming will be on September 22 from 9 to 11:30 p.m. in the West Mall. Tickets are being sold for $10 in the West Mall during lunch until the day of the dance. Students can also purchase tickets at the door.

The remaining theme days for Spirit Week are as follows: Wednesday is Holiday Day, Thursday is Generation Day, and Friday is Hawaiian Day.