Annual staff, theatre classes announce Class of 2018 superlatives


Josh Sobota and Leah Crowley pose for a picture after winning Best All-Around for the Class of 2018.

Maggie Price, Entertainment Editor

Senior superlatives are something that everyone looks forward to, especially the nominees.

The anticipation came to an end Tuesday night at Annual Skits, an event where theatre students get to act out skits to help introduce each superlative category. After each skit, the students that the senior class voted for to win were announced by annual staff.

Here are the senior superlative winners of the Class of 2018:

Most Intellectual: Tyler Chan and Courtney Lam

Most Likely to Succeed: James McIntyre and Natalie Parks

Best Looking: Dawson Houser and Olivia Bunting

Most School Service: Zachary Jones and Shireen Saah

Most Talented: Thomas Anderson and Christina Ledbetter

Most Creative: Jake Moore and Kira Suerth

Friendliest: Nathaniel Blalock/Marquavis Dottery (tie) and Traeclyn Albright

Best Dressed: Colten Tyler and Maddie Little

Most School Spirit: Ross McKenry and Ally Robinson

Wittiest:  Ryan Flores and Annie Wehinger

Most Athletic: Nathan Adkins and Trinity Lee

Best All Around: Josh Sobota and Leah Crowley

The Class of 2018’s Best All Around students were amazed that their fellow classmates would vote for them to receive this award. In order to be voted Best All Around the students had to have many outstanding qualities and be well-rounded.

“I’m really flattered because this means that I’m doing well in all aspects of life, and as long as I can keep doing this then I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me,” Sobota said.

Added Crowley: “It’s really exciting, and I was surprised when I won it. It’s a big honor because it kind of combines all the superlatives.”

Along with announcing the superlatives, annual staff also recognized the “Who’s Who” in the Class of 2018. Bearden faculty vote on the “Who’s Who” students, based on excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, and school spirit.

Here are the Who’s Who students of the Class of 2018:

Nesma Abdelnabi

Kinsey Bartlett

Nathaniel Blalock

Megan Burns

Tyler Chan

Sydney Craig

Julia Craig

Marquavis Dottery

Max Grayson

Dawson Houser

Rebecca Jernigan

Addison Jones

Zach Jones

Courtney Lam

Christina Ledbetter

Trinity Lee

James McIntyre

Natalie Parks

Josh Sobota

James Strickland