Bearden staff, students continue tradition of international travel


Assistant principal Mrs. Anna Graham poses with her students last summer in the London Eye. Mrs. Graham is taking students to Paris this summer.

Emily Simmons, News Editor

Over the years, Bearden students often have visited numerous foreign countries individually or with school groups alongside staff. Just last summer, a group of students and staff took a trip to the United Kingdom for around a week, and in previous years students have ventured to various other European, Asian, and South American countries with school groups.

“We have a long tradition at Bearden, of taking trips, Mrs. Connie Francis, a former English teacher at Bearden, always took a trip every summer,” assistant principal Mrs. Anna Graham said. “They went to places like Japan and all kinds of different places worldwide.”

This summer, that tradition will continue with three different trips taking place. The various trips include excursions to Lima, Peru and Washington, D.C. and Paris.

Bearden Spanish teacher Mrs. Tiffany Hernandez will take interested students to view historical landmarks such as Machu Picchu, history teacher Mrs. Tammy McKibben and English Teacher Mrs. Anne Fine are leading a trip to explore the nation’s capital, and Mrs. Graham will take students to Paris for a week at the end of May.

“I am super excited about this trip; it really just is such a great opportunity for students to get to see the world,” Mrs. Graham said. “We currently have three spots open and remaining and would love to see them filled by students.”

Any student desiring more information about the Paris trip is encouraged to see Mrs. Graham in the East Mall Office prior to Feb. 14.

Additionally, for any student interested in the trip to Washington, an informational meeting will be held Feb. 2 after school in Room 323 to discuss the trip costs, itinerary, and plans.

For information regarding the trip to Peru, students can ask Mrs. Hernandez or other Bearden Spanish teachers.

“These trips are really a great and fun learning experience for students and teachers, and I highly encourage students to learn more about the trips and to attend if possible,” Mrs. Graham said.