Bearden welcomes new art teacher with diverse experience


Emily Simmons

Mrs. Heather Jones brings experience in not only education, but graphic design, special effects makeup, and costume design, among other areas.

Emily Simmons, News Editor

One new face around Bearden’s campus this semester is art teacher Mrs. Heather Jones.

Mrs. Jones is the new interim art teacher who is filling in for Mrs. Anna Boyd while she is on maternity leave.

Mrs. Jones recently moved to Knoxville from Illinois and brings a background in teaching art to not only high school students but also middle school students and individuals with behavioral and emotional issues. Additionally, Mrs. Jones has an art background in graphic design.

“We have always really wanted to move to Knoxville, and after some personal family events, my husband and I decided to go ahead move down here,” Mrs. Jones said. “Knoxville is a very nice place, and both the staff and students are really charming and the 1:1 technology program at Bearden is amazing.”

Mrs. Jones background in art includes more traditional art forms like ceramics, painting, and drawing, but she looks forward to working with the students and pushing them to experience and learn some of the more unique art mediums than they may be accustomed to.

“In addition to the more traditional art forms, I also do special effects makeup, glass blowing, sewing, and costume design,” Mrs. Jones said.

Added senior Rachel Maxey: “Mrs. Jones so far is a really awesome teacher. She is really experienced in more diverse art forms and is great at giving constructive criticism for our art and helping us out any way she can.”

And although Mrs. Jones is only the interim art teacher, she hopes to continue teaching in Knox County Schools when Mrs. Boyd returns from her maternity leave.

“I have a lot of family here, and by May both of my children will have moved down here, so it’s really exciting to be here in Knoxville although there are some adjustments,” Mrs. Jones said. “I have had to learn that a ‘buggy’ is actually a shopping cart and finding some good pizza has been interesting since I’m from the Chicago area so I enjoy good pizza from time to time, but overall things have been great.”