Latin, History Clubs to host third annual Medieval Day on Saturday


Abby Ann Ramsey, Staff Writer

Bearden will host a free Medieval History Day on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., featuring an array of activities inspired by the culture of the Middle Ages as well as free pizza and drinks.

Previously known as Marco Madness, this will be the third annual display of Medieval culture co-hosted by the Latin Club and History Club. Both clubs have worked hard alongside the University of Tennessee’s Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance studies to put on an event that high schoolers, kids, and the general public will enjoy.

Teachers Mr. Sandy Hughes, Mrs. Tammy McKibben, and Ms. Hannah Victory have arranged the event to reach out to a middle school audience. During seventh grade in particular, students spend time in social studies class studying the Medieval time period, so this event provides a great opportunity for middle schoolers to come out and learn more in an interactive experience.

The event, however, will also be entertaining and fun for high schoolers. There will be lots of activities available, including a breakout room designed by students, a tattoo table, karaoke with different languages like Latin and French, a catapult game, and more.

The goal of Medieval History Day is to show students the importance of the history and how it even has similarities to present day. The clubs hope for people to walk away with a greater appreciation for the middle ages, and of course to have fun.