Bearden’s post-graduation celebration Grad Night set to relocate to Main Event

Abby Kelley, Staff Writer


Bearden High School has a special tradition of hosting a post-graduation celebration full of fun, games, raffles, and more each year to honor its graduated seniors, and this year is no different.

Grad Night is an exciting, overnight tradition where seniors come and spend one last night all together in a safe and fun location. Seniors Sydney Craig and Leah Crowley are among the many who have looked forward to the party all year.

“It is hosted on the night after senior graduation for us [graduated seniors] to go to,” Craig said. “It lasts all night and helps graduates to stay safe by encouraging them to go to Grad Night instead of other parties.”

Added Crowley: “Grad Night serves a couple of different purposes. It’s a big party for us all to celebrate graduating from high school—it’s finally time to have some fun. Grad Night is also a safe destination for grads. Mid-to-late May is always a busy time for all of us, and with so much celebration happening, it can also be a chaotic and dangerous time. Grad Night allows graduates to have fun while keeping them safe and off the roads.”

This year’s Grad Night, which lasts from 11 p.m. this Friday to 5 a.m. on Saturday, will be hosted at Knoxville’s entertainment center, Main Event, where seniors can expect to enjoy everything from bowling to laser tag all night long.

In addition to games and activities, this year’s Grad Night is an all-inclusive evening and graduates can expect more activity options and plenty of drinks and snacks.

“[Grad Night] has been at Cool Sports for the past few years but the PTSO decided to have it at Main Event this year because it’s closer and more familiar, so more seniors will likely come,” Crowley said.

The party also features giveaways and raffles that happen through the night. Each student will get 10 tickets upon entry. Those tickets can then all go toward upping the student’s chances of winning a coveted prize, or they can be split up between multiple prizes.

PTSO will then draw tickets at the end of the night to see who wins each prize.

“The way it looks, most grads should walk out with a good prize this year,” Crowley said. “We have everything from printers to GoPro cameras to golf memberships to bikes and kayaks. Lots of recreational equipment—perfect for summer and college.”