Improv Club aims to bring laughter, fun to Bearden community


Last year’s improv club started a new tradition at Bearden that this year’s club hopes to continue.

Maggie Price, Editor-in-Chief

A small group of Bearden students joined together to create an improv team last year. They put on two shows, both of which were comical and enjoyable. This school year, they are back and better than ever.

Before the team can put on any of their shows, they must hold auditions in order to fill the empty spots left by last year’s seniors. Through a complex and competitive audition system, the team must narrow down more than 20 applicants.

To begin the process, the group will host an ice cream social after school on Sept. 7 in Ms. Lauren Houston’s room for everyone who is interested in auditioning; more detailed information regarding improv will be given at this meeting.

Following the social event, a local improv group will come to teach a workshop and help better everyone’s skills on Sept. 10 and 17.

The group’s aim has always been to make people laugh and have fun, and co-captain Ben Barber plans to continue to strive for that goal this year.

“Personally, I hope to be able to reach out to our school and community in comedy in order to bring new life to Bearden,” Barber said.

The main difference from the previous year is that now the improv team is an official club at Bearden. They plan to speed up the training process in order to have more shows. The first show will be on Dec. 14. The other dates that are planned include Feb. 8, March 8, and May 10.

Be sure to attend the ice cream social on Sept. 7 for more information if you are interested in joining the improv club.

Check out the improv club’s website here.