Annual staff, theater department present Class of 2019 senior superlatives


Allie Ballinger

Mac Chandler and Julia Pelot hold up their Best All-Around awards from Annual Skits on Tuesday.

Abby Ann Ramsey, Entertainment Editor

Each year, the Bearden senior class votes on who will win the superlatives for the coming yearbook through Theatre I and II classes’ presentation of Annual Skits.

The theatre classes work hard to come up with a short sketch that represents a superlative, and annual members then announce who won the award.

The winners of these awards have shown their commitment to the category over their past four years at Bearden and were recognized at Annual Skits with a plaque.

Here are the 2018 senior superlative winners:

Best Dressed: Will Pruitt and Gillian Howard
Friendliest: Ben Collins and Lydia Steimer
Most Talented: Connor Cowart and Chloe Baker
Wittiest: Luke Nelson and Shakara Goodloe
Most Creative: Colby Moldrup and Amanda Carlevato
Most School Service: Bryson Morrell and Anna Duffey
Most School Spirit: Harrison Moseley and Amanda Thomas
Most Likely to Succeed: Hayden Harb and Eva Karnowski
Best Looking: Matt Carr and Cayce Nutt
Most Athletic: Caleb Wilkins and Emily Carlevato
Most Intellectual: Parker Kent and Emily Chung
Best All Around: Mac Chandler and Julia Pelot

Winners of the Best All Around Award have shown their commitment to Bearden through their multitude of talents and accomplishments.

“Being awarded Best All Around was an honor, and I am so thankful that my peers view me as a well-rounded individual,” Pelot said.

Added Chandler: “I feel humbled to receive Best All Around as a member of the outstanding Class of 2019! #ChooseExcellence”

Annual Skits also presents the “Who’s Who Award.” These students are voted on teachers for their accomplishments in academics, sports, extracurricular activities, and their overall spirit for Bearden High School.

Here are the winners of the 2018 Who’s Who Award:

Tyler Archuleta
Shamarcus Brown
Olivia Campbell
Mac Chandler
Emily Chung
Deshano Dottery
Hayden Harb
Addison Ironside
Emma Kammann
Eva Karnowski
Daniel Labrador
Shekinah McLaughlin
Colby Moldrup
Bryson Morrell
Julia Pelot
Zane Poling
Preston Ruth
Fritz Siegel
Savanna Spencer
Lydia Steimer