SGA to give out free hot chocolate on the last two Wednesdays of January


Julia Bryant

A student worker at the Dawg House Café in the library hands off another student’s order. SGA will pass out free hot chocolate to students in the West Mall the next two Wednesday mornings.

Lily Price, Staff Writer

Hoping to warm up students’ attitudes toward SGA and to improve students’ mornings, senior members of SGA plan to pass out free hot chocolate before school the next two Wednesdays.

The cold weather of winter inspired SGA to give students free hot chocolate prior to school. SGA president Hayden Harb and senior class vice president Tori Sokolow both hope that the warm drink will be able to brighten people’s days.

SGA members also want this to give them a chance to have a more public presence with the rest of the student body and reinforce that SGA works for them.

“We’re hoping this will just show that we really do appreciate the student body,” Sokolow said.

SGA also hopes that giving the student body free hot chocolate will also make the students’ day better overall. After returning to school after Winter Break, students have a hard time adjusting. Instead of waking up when they choose and spending their day the way they want, students now have to get to school on time and do the work expected of them.

“We’re just hoping that if you come to school and get free hot chocolate… it will start your day off better than it would normally be,” Harb said.

SGA is focusing on improving students’ time at Bearden and helping the students this semester, with many student-based projects.

“We were wanting to do something for the students because, in the end, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing and representing,” Harb said.

SGA also plans for similar projects to continue throughout the semester. SGA plans to do a “spoonful of kisses” for Valentine’s Day, which they also did last year. The project allows students to send several Hershey Kisses to a friend for free.

The free hot chocolate will be available in the West Mall for students that show up to school before classes begin.