Bearden senior takes on unique challenge of recreating Marvel’s Iron Man suit


Nathan Worley

Bearden senior Nathan Worley has already made significant progress in building his own Iron Man suit.

Lily Price, Staff Writer

The iconic Iron Man suit is coming to life at Bearden thanks to senior Nathan Worley.

Worley has taken up a large project of recreating the Iron Man suit. He draws his inspiration from the love of the Iron Man franchise and superheroes in general.

“One of my favorite movies growing up was Iron Man,” Worley said. “I’ve watched that movie more times than I can count.”

Before taking on this large project, Worley – who is also a standout for Bearden’s cross country and track teams – created other iconic parts from other superheroes. He built a Captain America shield and Thor’s hammer.

“My Captain America shield really introduced me to the idea that I can make really cool replicas,” Worley said. “It was also my first introduction to welding.

“My Thor’s hammer incorporated a ton of welding and metalwork because it’s entirely steel.”

Along with welding, Worley plans to use aluminum for the inner frame and 3D printing for the outer parts of the suit.

“I’m hoping to have the suit done by graduation so it can be a great way to end the year and leave my mark at Bearden,” Worley said.

Worley has an Instagram page, @WorleyIronManProject, where he posts updates and progress of his project. He also has a Go Fund Me page that can be accessed from a link on his Instagram page. His $400 goal is going to the expensive costs of 3D printing.